Wednesday, 17 March 2021

You Will Never Return - Miguel Caló and Osmar Maderna

When she said goodbye, I wanted to cry
then without her love, I wanted to scream.
All the dreams
that my heart encompassed,
all my illusions, they fell to pieces.
“I will come back soon,” she said as she left.
I went crazy waiting for her, poor little me!
And now that so much time has passed
and she hasn’t returned
I feel that I’ve lost her love.

You will never return!
My soul tells me so,
and in my solitude
I cry out your name, night and day.
Why, why did you leave my side
and so cruelly destroy
my heart?
You will never return!
my soul says so,
and although it is dying
I ceaselessly wait for you. 

Miguel Caló (1907 - 1972) and Osmar Maderna (1918 - 1951) Argentina
Translated by Derrick Del Pilar

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