Monday, 1 March 2021

On Julia's Death - Vasily Kapnist

The evening darkness shrouds 
The slumbering world in peace. 
And from her throne of clouds 
Shines Luna through the trees. 
My thoughts in silence blend,
But gather'd all to thee: 
Thou moon! the mourner's friend, 
O come! and mourn with me. 

Upon her grave I bow,
The green grave where she lies: 
O hear my sorrows now. 
And consecrate my sighs! 
This is her ashes' bed—
Here her cold relics sleep— 
Where I my tears shall shed 
While this torn heart can weep. 

O Julia! never rose 
Had half the charms of thee — 
My comforf—my repose— 
O! thou wert all to me. 
But thou art gone—and I 
Must bear life's load of clay—
And pray—and long to die—
Though dying day by day. 

But I must, cease to sing,
My lyre all mute appears— 
Alas! its plaintive string 
Is wetted with my tears. 
O! misery's song must end— 
My thoughts all fly to thee:— 
Thou moon! the mourner's friend, 
O come! and momn with me! 

Vasily [Vasilievich] Kapnist (1758 - 1823) Ukraine
Translated by John Bowring
Source: Specimens of the Russian Poets, Part Two, by John Bowring, G. & W.B. Whittaker, 1823

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