Saturday, 13 March 2021

In the Evening - Ugo Foscolo

Maybe because you are the image of eternal peace
O evening, you are welcomed by me with open arms
when the summer clouds and the gentlest breeze
beguile me with fascination and plenty of charm
or in winter, when the sky full of snow and ill at ease,
to the universe brings dark nights and heavy storms.
I long for you and as you descend you will release
sweetness to the secret parts of my soul in return.

My thoughts keep wandering towards that moment
that leads to nothingness as the wretched time flies
together with all my anxieties and painful torment
with which throughout my life I had to agonize
and, while I contemplate your peace, I am content
to placate the combative spirit that in me lies.

Ugo Foscolo [born Niccolò Foscolo] (1778 - 1827) Italy (born in Greece, lived in UK for his last 11 years)
Translated by Luigi Pagano

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