Wednesday, 24 March 2021

The room - Jessie Kleemann

In the silent grey darkness of the room
you stand
like a ghost by the window beside my bed
acting like a dead with my already stiff limbs
that has become blue beating forth and back
and searching after my body

I'm not here
not at all
I'm just watching like a little mosquito
flying around round and around
trying to find a place to land myself to
suck blood
some more blood
I want to stay alive!

In the grey which is not light
of smells and sounds
you cut through this frame of body
which seems to be mine
you cut me up slowly, flense me like an animal
you have caught
you take my heart, my lungs, liver
yes everything you take away that should keep me alive
I am your animal, your prey
which you later on
like a big man
shares proudly with others in need
oh, you are such a big man

I am not here
I am just dreaming and during the days I invent lies
to keep myself alive
I get really good at keeping myself alive

During the nights my flesh is being cut into pieces
bits to bits
slowly I rot in your stomach
consumed and devoured
untill I come out of the other end
evilsmelling like dead garbage no one ever wants to touch

Now the room is too bright
and the sun is shining
I must blind and brick up the window
shut the world out
the smells and sounds
gather my cut pieces together and see
if I can at least get my body functioning again

Where is my little mosquito which
flies round and around?

Jessie Kleemann (born 1959) Greenland (now lives in Denmark)
Translated by the author
Source: LyrikLine

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