Tuesday, 23 March 2021

A Journey - Jovanka Uljarević

I am not here where you see me
or there where they know me
There is here for me
And here is too far

It is like when madmen in a madhouse
tell you that you are mad
And you call them mad
Asking yourself whether they could really reveal your madness
Or is it only an insanity they want to confront with their own

We have also been given a name
So that they could call us with no meaning

I went to see a shrink
He was a “she” and did not call me by name
I was so small
And she mounted me to the window in her room
To show me some pigeons’ nest
It was so ugly that I liked it
I said it was beautiful
I remember her perfectly
And the look on her face while telling me that I was sane
I think we understood each other.

Jovanka Uljarević (born 1979) Montenegro
Translated by: Zoran Paunović
Source: LyrikLine

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