Thursday, 4 March 2021

I Abandoned Her and I Didn’t Know - José Canet

Kneaded between the silver and gold
of serenades
and wild dance parties,
cradled by the sounds
of bandoneons,
this tango was born.
It was born to watch me suffer
in this horrific life
as my luck takes its dying gasps.
When I hear it sound out,
when I begin to dance to it,
I feel death come a bit closer.
And that is why tonight
I feel the rebuke
of my heart.

I abandoned her and I didn’t know
that I still loved her
and ever since she left
I feel cut off from my faith–
it is dying, dying…
I abandoned her and I didn’t know
that my heart was deceiving me
and now that I’ve come back to look for her
I can’t find her anymore…
without her love, where should I go?

José Canet (1915 - 1984) Argentina
Translated by Derrick Del Pilar

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