Monday, 8 March 2021

Supper With Poppies - Dostena Angelova-Lavergne

one day lies will sparkle
like crushed puppies
and they won’t be lies
just crushed poppies sparkling.

Drink their pink colour and think of me
with a red necklace on Easter Day I’ll come
and I won’t be pale
with all these wounds open, with all these colours flowering on the skin
and a wave under the armpit
carrying you in its hollow
love slips in
aroused the tender down close to the body
at sunset when the predatory glance of the trees dies
the axes painted in red die
between the fingers a sun shines

a drop

you are going to recognize me because that evening
we shall all dine together
each one fixing the wound
a sunset wave-breaker
waves high as they fall in dreams
then you will loosen your fists that I may drink
this very instant
before the deluge
pray that this instant lasts
as long as the moon lasts
so that we may know the simple entries the way
from your house to my house
so that your words are the thread
that your story flows 
the constellation foams
like your poetry that night
that I may be with you
like the fire with the tree
just as much as a first kiss
impossible to hold
all those dining around the table will cry as well
and their eyes will overflow from the high waves
and then I’ll say to you
“Look at the skyblue, look at the sparkling white
that spring out of the sea today”.

Dostena Angelova-Lavergne (born 1972) Bulgaria
Translated by Katerina Anghelaki-Rooke

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