Friday, 26 March 2021

That there’s no danger - Eduardo Milán

That there’s no danger,
that the word stays intact
outside the person, by their side.
That there’s no need to confuse
one person with another, either one’s a
social being - or a brute, the rest will leave
the stage, it was a long night devoid of
dragonflies and clouds, black –
the other person, a mask. That it’s absolutely
interesting what’s thought, what’s done
halfway through the story, the rabble
takes you in – there are birds in flight.
Man passes, the word stays.
Of how the word stays,
as a quality of what, intact as what,
saved from I don’t know what, immaculate,
stays dead, stays alive, stays a wound,
silence, no one’s saying anything.

Eduardo Milán (born 1952) Uruguay
Translated by Peter Boyle
Source: LyrikLine

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