Monday, 22 March 2021

This Thick Sound (v1.1) - Kenneth Krabat

There is an eternal humm of work to København
take away the sound of high voltage for street lamps
and for shop lighting and converters for all things hidden
take away the sound of the construction of the Metro
take the sound of driving on the sunken stream of Åboulevarden
and maybe you’ll hear
the ever relevant
thick sound
of the harbour
before it vanished behind houses along the sea soon
to be rightfull islands of København
Pronounce the word Koey ben harwn
and know that you speak of
old sweat impossible to wash from old clothes
old houses reaking of the
sorrows and joys of those moved away
just like an old car and a bicycle and boots
forever belong to the last person loving them
this thick sound
an old heart-beat in an old body
that we wear

Kenneth Krabat (born 1963) Denmark
Source: Poetry Atlas

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