Wednesday, 10 March 2021

Metaphors - Idriss Allouch

I guess
What happens around me
The effect of something borrowing
The language of another reality

The street
That hides its teeth
In the poster of the wall
In the fronts of the shops
Turns on the peak of the streets
So that the feet could find it
And the legs
The same...!

The butterflies
Hover over
Its death
Every time they dance
For the flow of fire
And the sparks of the straw...

The chairs
Saturated with the power desire
Lament the state of its owner
By barrowing the language of people
By scratching up the remnants of paper rustle
That imitates a toilet

Thus remain in the stairs
Insisting on the shutter of identity
In colorful passports
Stretching from the sea
To the dance of the death boats
When the other bank- there
Stand as an illusive paradise...!

The poet
Who is like me
Still looks
For eloquent words
For the distillation of things

I thought
I am writing a poem
But I am just striving
To deconstruct the hands
Of broken metaphors

Idriss Allouch (born 1964) Morocco
Source: Big Bridge

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