Sunday, 21 March 2021

In the now and here - Michael Theophilus Dom

Thoughts in a day
Are a measure
Acts are of being,
Etched in its matrix,
As you and I are.

Dreams, the emancipation
Of formless thought
Awaiting conception
In the now and here
Who dares, lives them!

Flee from tenuous bondage
Be free my friend
Take up thy hammer
Let thy stroke fall
As doth hands of time
Ringing upon Gods anvil!
Let thy life be now and here
For one fleeting moment!
Resonated through creation!

A breath is but this instant
Then heard no more
What now ask heaven?
In quiet nocturnal view
Do those cosmic lights
Search for us too?

Michael Theophilus Dom (born 1977) Papua New Guinea
Source: Send words as gifts: Selected & new poems 1995 – 2015, Michael Dom, CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2016
Used by permission as noted in the above publication

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