Sunday, 27 December 2020

To Postumianus (Epigram 8.71) - Marcus Valerius Martialis

Four pounds of silver plate in winter's season 
you sent me, Postumianus, ten years ago. 
While I hoped for a greater weight 
for gifts should stand fixed or grow 
there arrived two pounds more or less. 
The third and the fourth year 
brought much inferior presents:
in the fifth was one pound, 
Septicius' work to boot. 
I came down to an eight-ounce oblong dish 
in the sixth year; 
the next was given me a bare half-pound 
in the shape of a small cup. 

Marcus Valerius Martialis (c. 40 - 104) Spain
Translated by Walter C. A Ker
Source: Martial epigrams Vol II, Translated by Walter C. A Ker, Heinemann, 1919-1920

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