Saturday, 5 December 2020

a little something - Renata Frolova

Lost in now, lost in work 
struggling through piles of paperwork,
I am growing old faster than dreams are forgotten.
What is there left to please me? 
A little melody
for your full flirty lips to whistle in mischief, 
a little tango 
to tickle my senses, 
a little shiver
to fall from my friend’s shoulders 
for me to pick up and warm her with a hug, 
a little cold breeze in the morning 
to play with my heart and make my face frown, 
a little kiss sent by a loved one all the way from the end of the world…
for me to inhale
and piles of paperwork 
for me to come back to tomorrow 

Renata Frolova (20th century) Denmark

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