Tuesday, 8 December 2020

On the departure of his daughters - Muhammad al Fagīr

Umm Madās, the heifer of Kalaka,
her mother’s house is a gathering place for guests, never deserted.
Umm Tāgiya who is like the ring on the fourth finger,
how sweet her name.
Greetings to Umm Girēn together with ‘Aisha the flower of Tima.
Bitter to me is the going of Al Tōma to the rivers of Nyala.

Muhammad al Fagīr (20th century) Sudan
Translated by S. Hillelson
Sourec: 'Songs of the Baggara' by S. Hillelson in Sudan Notes and Records Vol XII, Part 1, 1929
  • Kalaka is a small town in the state of South Darfur in the south-west of Sudan.
  • To wear a ring on the little finger of the left hand is a sunnah (traditional practice).
  • Tima is a “Nuba" hill in Abu Zahad district. At the foot of it is a favouite dry weather camping place of the Misīrīya tribe to which the poet belonged.
  • Nyala (Daju: "the place of chatting") is the capital of state of South Darfur in the south-west of Sudan.

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