Friday, 23 March 2018

White Shame - Adel Khozam

The sentence was uttered in its entirety
Why did you not believe it
The sentence?
It just passed in front of you
Or you are the one who passed in front of it.
It just passed in front of you
Or you are the one who passed by it. It does not matter
The sentence?
Do you recall that it
Stung you in the spinal cord?
Do you recall?
Do you recall the love
And the word “clarity”
And the man’s first scream and it was: In the name of the breast of the mother
And then they told you: This is the world
And said: Be shattered for the sake of the end
Do you recall
It is the fault that indifference repeats
It is the disease
It is the white shame
Take your shoes and come
Come light, lighter than your shadow
Otherwise come at night
And fall into repetition
It is the fault
It is the disease renewing itself
In your very health

Adel Khozam (born 1963) United Arab Emirates
Transated by Joseph T. Zeidan
Source: Blackbird

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