Wednesday, 7 March 2018

Shame and Fear - Ndouna Depenaud

It's raining and it's sunny and the ghosts are
babbling twins behind the trees.
Grandfather, who knows how to make you laugh.
You whose beard blooms with anecdotes.
Tell us a beautiful story, do you want?

Formerly, two men, Shame and Fear, had a strong friendship.
One day, together, they set traps, far from the village, far from men.
The days passed, none visited the traps.

Fear was terrified to go there alone in the depths of the forest.
For shame, bringing back the common game alone,
is running the risk of being accused of theft.

The trapped game putrefied and both men were starving.
Whose blame?

Ndouna Depenaud (born 1937) Gabon
Source: gabonantes

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