Thursday, 15 March 2018

War, war, war - Patricia Mercy

War, war, war
Who are you and where do you come from?
You have killed my mother, father
Even my brothers and sisters
Leaving me to be called an orphan.

War, war, war
You are not a best friend to people and the nation.

War, war, war
Long live peace in Africa.

We were attacked by people in the bush
Then they took my parents and the killed them.
I just ran in the bush
And followed some people who were coming here.
People are running after us.
People are shooting their guns.
People are killing people, many things.
I'm now living alone,
That's why I wrote the poem.
I write because my parents are not there,
My brothers and sisters...
I'm not feeling fine
Because there are many things I'm not getting.
There are many difficulties that I'm facing.
There's no one who can help me now here.

Patricia Mercy (born 2001) South Sudan
Source: BBC News

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