Saturday, 1 May 2021

Cold days have come - Samuel Hanagid

The month of ‘Av has ended even ‘Elul and their heat is gone;
Also Tishri is gathered in and like them has passed.
Cold days have come and the new wine
Is red and its voice is still in the vat.
Therefore my friend, go among our companions
So that each may do as he intends.

Some said: Look at the clouds giving rain
And hear the thunder of the heavens on high,
And see the frost and the bonfire’s flame;
One descends while the other lifts and rises.
Come, drink from the cup and drink again
From the pitcher, night and day.

Samuel Hanagid (993 - 1056) Spain
Translated by Leon J. Weinberger
Source: Jewish Prince in Moslem Spain: Selected Poems of Samuel ibn Nagrela. Leon J. Weinberger, trans., ⓒ The University of Alabama Press, 1997 [on Medieval Hebrew Poetry]

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