Friday, 22 January 2021

The Conversation - Loidology

Come sit here dear,
Come tell me about that gloomy face you wear.
Because the melancholy i can no longer bear.
Let us put all things clear.
Lately you jeer every time i come near,
It seems it is me you fear.

Okay honey,
I will come when the food is ready;
and when am done bathing Teddy.
She has been here eagerly waiting for daddy.
That the cake you always brought her was so yummy!
On her recent birthday you had promised her a bunny,
When it reached you looked on like a dummy.

There you go again Beth.
Every time we argue it is our girl who feels the wrath.
First give the child a bath,
Because all I care about now is our health;
You must know that we are trying to avoid death,
You should not be minding so much about wealth.

Here I am Obed,
Am done putting Teddy to bed,
let me serve the food.
See honey, you say I complain so much about Ted
And yet you know that the child must be fed.
You also promised that we shall get wed.
I have cried till my eyes have turned red.
Save for the love; I would have fled.
You are now penniless like your friend Fred!

Beth my dear I no longer work,
They have not yet called us back!
Yesterday I went there and found a lock,
So I phoned our manager Jack;
He is the one who holds the highest rank.
He said the company has heavy loans in the bank:
And the returns have drastically shrunk.
I was here trying to think
What we can do to stay on track.

Oh my God.
All this because of Covid!
Obed I say we must stay solid.
Strength and hope is what we need.
And for the mercy of the Almighty Lord
We must plead.
With the Bible always there to read.

Am mostly worried about what we shall have to eat.
I no longer come back from work with meat.
Even my pants no longer fit.
And yet we also have to pay rent;
So we must do what is best.
There is less hope on the street.
That is why I think that for now we should retreat,
Back to the village to grow wheat.

Oh my love I hadn't understood it all well before,
I will not stress you anymore.
I thought the problem was just mere...
It has been helpful to share.
What we need now is to take care.
I will not complain if we cannot afford the fare.
One day we shall make it there.

Thank you Beth for understanding.
You should know that everything we have been planning
Shall come to the passing.
But now as the disease is still spreading,
We should keep praying.
Because it is not the end but the beginning,
Lots of great things shall be happening.
So forever we should keep loving.

Loidology (Kato Loid) (21st century) Uganda

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