Monday, 18 January 2021

How a Dragon is Born - Gueorgui Konstantinov

The beginning is a fight
Between the falling cross
Of a bird
And a serpent,
Bent like a bow...
An age-long dispute
Between the strong wings
And the wingless perfidy
Of the earth.
Illustration by Ivan Gazdov

The two God's creatures
Fight odiously.
They fight vehemently,
Exchanging blows and wounds
That scare
But don't kill...

Finally, they embrace each other.
And they become one.
They fly away together
Up in the blue sky...
A snake with wings.
And a bird with an
That is how a dragon is born.

Gueorgui Konstantinov (born 1943) Bulgaria
Translated by Valentin Krustev
Source: Empty Mirror

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