Friday, 8 January 2021

Report me to you - Robert Wever

Now I beshrew his herte, that to that wyll not agree,
But yet because the tyme shall not seme very longe,
Or eate we departe, let vs haue a mery songe
The sing as folow'eth.
Why should not youth fulfyl hys owne mynde,
As the course of nature doth hym bynde,
Is not euery thyng ordayned to do hys kynd?
Report me to you, report me to you.
Do not the floures spring fresh and gaye,
Pleasaunt and swete in the month Maye?
And when theyr tyme commeth they fayd awaye!
Report me to you, report me to you.
Be not the trees in wyntter bare,
Lyke vnto theyr kynde, such they are,
And when they spring, theyr frutes declare
Report me to you, report me to you.
What should youth do, wyth the frutes of age
But liue in pleasure in thys passage,
For when age commeth hes lustes wyll swage
Report me to you, report me to you.
Why shoulde not youth fulfyll hys owne mynde?

Robert Wever (16th century) England

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