Saturday, 6 October 2018

There Is Justice In The Jungle - Matur Achuil

In Maasai Mara live the lion and the gazelle
And both have all the rights to life
The lion has the right to kill and eat the gazelle
So that he can continue to live
While the gazelle has the right to run away from the lion
So that he can continue to live
A cut-throat competition with a win-win result
What is subtracted on one end is added on the other
There is justice in the jungle!

Mankind's rule of law?
A hoax, a mongrel's poo poo
Because the winner is always pre-determined
A human gazelle loses before he even starts the race
‘Cause he is arm-twisted, tied down and gagged
While the human lion is armed to the tooth
With a dagger, machete and any other weapon you can think of
And when human gazelle breaks the chains and save himself,
He is executed through the rule of law…justice?
Nah! Nah! Not here! True justice is only in the jungle!

Rule of law, probably the peak of mankind's civilization,
But the worse blow to justice and equality
Rule of law is mandated to uphold the dignity and life
Of every living being at all the time and places
But the same rule of law is used to vindicate cannibals
And justify cannibalism
Genocides have been committed with impunity
Because mankind's rule of law licenses the culprits
Nah! Nah! We have to go back to the drawing board
And find out where things went wrong
Or else we are on our way back to Maasai Mara
To lock horns with buffaloes and rhinos
There is justice in the lawlessness of the jungle!

Call me crazy if you don't see my point
But I pray that you may live long enough
On this god-forsaken planet
To develop a third eye on your forehead
An eye that will help you see a solute in a solution
When that time comes, I bet with my last breath that
You will join me in the streets with your middle finger in the air
And we will all denounce the rule of law
And we will all join the lion and the gazelle in the jungle
Because there is justice in the anarchy of the jungle!

Matur Achuil (Akuei Nyol Kuol) (born 1991) South Sudan (now lives in Canada)
Source: Poem List

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