Monday, 29 October 2018

After a Storm - E. B. Watermeyer

Morning has come upon us, — from the day
Has rolled each darkling cloud, the orient view
Unveils with gorgeous sun, and deep clear blue.
But ocean riots still; — in ponderous play
Thousands of heavy surges plunge away.
Dazzling with snow-white foam, or swiftly woos
Iris to paint all brightly tinted hues.
Strangely fair magic, 'mid their shivered spray,
Around us many a little whale-bird skims,
Dipping its tiny bosom in the deep.
Then instantly uprises blithe and high.
Even as the heart unthralled by earthly things
Will walk this troubled earth, yet ever keep
Its dearest home up in the azure sky.

E. B. (Egidius Benedictus) Watermeyer (1824 - 1867) South Africa
Source: A treasury of South African poetry and verse by Crouch, Edward Heath, A.C. Fifield, 1909

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