Friday, 5 October 2018

A Familiar Dance - Bryan Thao Worra

I take you to dance
In your dress of blue.
Santana's black magic woman is playing tonight.

Swaying to the music, I wonder about your true home,
Your tangled story, your fine shelves of books.
I have an ocean of questions but a thimble of time.

Maybe The Art of War will be there.
Maybe a classic of the ancients, something curious and modern,
Written in ink dark, lustrous as your hair.

I want to turn pages tonight,
The secret histories rewritten
To remember us…

You walk away when the boun is done without a word.
I, watching like a period becoming an exclamation point,
Laugh, filled to the edge where the soul meets the body.

We, the momentary.

Bryan Thao Worra (born 1973) Laos (lived in USA since infancy)
Source: Poem List

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