Wednesday, 24 October 2018

My Eyes Say - Anonymous

Although I cannot speak,
My eyes say everything.
My eyes see everything.
My eyes say what they see.
My eyes say what they have seen.
My eyes say that I long for the days I spent with my family.
My eyes say that I was taken away, and I am forced to work until I pass out.
My eyes say that I have not gotten a proper meal in years.
My eyes say that I am afraid and tired from the harsh working conditions.
My eyes say everything my mouth wants to, but I am afraid of the consequences.
My eyes say help because my mouth cannot say anything.
My eyes say that I was taken from my family and promised a better life.
My eyes say that I want to go home.
My eyes say that I am sick of working myself to death in this cold harsh field.
My eyes say everything
Because I cannot.

Anonymous (21st century) USA
Source: WaVE: writing and visual expression @ FDU
This poem was written as part of a class held at on the topic of modern day slavery at Fairleigh Dickinson University's WaVE project

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