Saturday, 15 September 2018

The Basket of Wool - Jaime Saenz

Desiring yet unable, I dreamt myself in this room sleeping and I dreamt myself being able,
making a basket of wool toll like a bell to keep myself sleeping,
and wanting them to come not come, and to make not make a basket of wool toll like a bell prompting a sadness without desire,
eliciting a Japanese music that makes me weep remembering but not hearing,
summoning an unsummonable scene that pure luck renders summonable,
as when one says:
"Now that this lady summons speaking and that gentleman speaks summoning",
as when one says:
"Come here, little parrot; let's make this basket of yarn toll like a bell," leaving everyone happy with this Japanese music that makes me weep, in summoning,
and which goes on eliciting and tolling and goes on playing through the night.

Jaime Saenz (1921 - 1986) Bolivia
Translated by Kent Johnson and Forrest Gander
Source: Jacket2

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