Wednesday, 26 September 2018

Nan Pix Pix - Rigoberta González Sul

A piece of land
with trees, mountains and a
beautiful cistern of water
The most beautiful place
in the world, where only
the birds and the animals live,
houses of adobe and straw
here and there.
But the day came
when the pig Pix Pix
screamed, wept, cried for help
before the bullets that
killed its people one by one.
The children, the elders
watched the late afternoon, watched
the sun hide with tears in its eyes.
Thinking of where to go, of taking refuge
out of fear, of the brothers with a
rifle in hand
without knowing, what will happen

Rigoberta González Sul (20th century) Guatemala
Translated by Cassandra Euphrat Weston
Source: Cultural Survival

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