Friday, 19 February 2021

Social media love - Pamela Elizabeth Acaye

Babes, Please I beg, Let us not waste time on grammar!
The time between is too short to waste on long words,
Want to is- Wanna and Going to is- Gonna
Here we are, Fingering gadgets,
Whatsupping, instead of twerking.
Snapchatting instead of freaking each other,
Groping clefts of throbbing flesh and skin
Babes, Do not waste my time.

Texting when we should be sexing
Our words across social media
will never be as elastic as our lips caressing
Into a capsule of silence
Babes, our music awaits making
Your groans and my moans are
a delicate duet of Hallelujah
A Cadenza called Us.
Babes, don’t waste my time!
Time is eloping with death
into a vaudeville of silence.
Babes, let’s not waste each other’s time.
Ok. Bye!

Pamela Elizabeth Acaye (20th century) Uganda

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