Tuesday, 2 February 2021

Confidentially - Peyo Yavorov

‘Neath tender enchantments of a dreamy evening
And the two of us burning – don’t come too close.
In my arms I have taken you, whenever I want you
Every inch to cleave to you – and so we will melt
In bliss and forgetting, then painfully distant
From my self, I would  feel you at last.

Ah dreamy evening, veiling our eyes
And the two of us melting – but stay further off…
I have lost sight of you, once I stop thinking
That because of you, we shall burn, exhausted
Each in each other; and how close, so close,
I would come to feel you at last.

Peyo Yavorov [Peyo Totev Kracholov] (1878 – 1914) Bulgaria
Translated by Christopher Buxton

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