Sunday, 3 February 2019

O Trinity, our Lord - V. Utrenev

Most-pure, Invisible, Incomprehensible,
Untraceable, and quite Invincible,
And sole Immortal One,
Who dwells in light impenetrable,
Creation’s Saviour, eons’ Creator,
Most-honoured, Ever-glorious
Unto all ages of the ages!
A Father from eternity,
Engendering a Son co-reigner,
The Holy Spirit in the Father
And in the Son is ever glorified,
A single Power, Single Being,
A sole and unified Divinity,
To Whom we all together pray:
O Lord and Father, with the Son
The all-Creator through the Holy Spirit!
O Mighty Saviour through Whom we knew God,
O Holy and Immortal Comforter Spirit,
Who issues from the Father’s bosom
And rests forever in the Son,
O Trinity, our Lord, glory to Thee!

V. Utrenev (20th century) Russia
Translated by Natalia Sheniloff
Source: Transfiguration of our Lord Russian Orthodox Church, Baltimore

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