Thursday, 28 February 2019

Mud is made of earth and water - Tihomir Jančovski

One day, when you will not open your eyes, surely,
you have died.
Or your eyes will stay fixed and glassy
and someone will close your eyelids with the palm of their hand.
Not to be frightened by them,
by the look of the lifeless glassy sockets:
dull, pale and terrifyingly
stiff and eternal!
Once, I saw that a dog dying
and men departing from this world
look the same.
In everyone’s lifetime,
there are three moments:
birth, marriage, and death.
In the final score,
only they count
but only one of the three
can be avoided
by every being.
Animals do not get married
neither do plants
or stones.
The marriage between oceans and continents
lasts far too long to be understood.
Mud is made of earth and water . . .

Tihomir Jančovski (born 1967) Macedonia
Source: Blesok

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