Friday, 15 February 2019

I stand against - Ben Caesar

paging so many rages/
trying overstand why we hate and rape/
our sisters/
this is a twisted life that we live in/
where sexism exists in/
politics television and religion/
employment and upbringing/
no question the whole f***ing system/
my sistrens expression is kept in the ignorance
of bredrin/
feminism is a reaction to the actions of men/
injustices-women ain’t protected by law/
rape cases thrown from court/
police don’t play their part/
-they take part/
how many rapists take up/
political seat, sports athletes and big boss companies/
with thoughts of women like Jacob Z/
whats the psychology behind/
violation of woman and mankind/
somebody tell me
but let ’em know

I stand against the
rape of my sister
I stand against the
rape of my sister
I stand against the
rape of my sister
now stand against the
rape of our sisters

too many connect rape/
and sex/
are you illiterate/
its a different language/
the concrete jungle/
wilderness/ prey and predators/
is victim’s reality, mentality or perception?
I question/
I send this to survivors/
rise up
to the young blood/
in the sex trade/
from a young age a girls affected
first hand from the ignorance of her day/
harassed from her door/
to the store/
-back again/
how many women’s sexual freedom inhibited/
cos of tainted experience/
neglected scars,
never heal,
a woman is a precious gift from above
when will we honour her/
i wonder

I stand against the rape of my sister/
I stand against the rape of my brother/
I stand against the rape of my mother/
I stand against the rape of my people/
now stand against the rape of each other/

Ben Caesar (Ben Caesar Charles Le Roux) (born 1985) Dominica
Source: Badilisha Poetry


  1. Wow thank you so much for posting my poem, wrote it years ago so good to see it is still appreciated.


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