Saturday, 15 December 2018

On ascending a hill leading to a convent - Francisco Manuel de Melo

Pause not with lingering foot, O pilgrim, here,
Pierce the deep shadows of the mountain-side;
Firm be thy step, thy heart unknown to fear,
To brighter worlds this thorny path will guide.

Soon shall thy foot approach the calm abode
So near the mansions of supreme delight;
Pause not, but tread this consecrated road
'Tis the dark basis of the heavenly height.

Behold to cheer thee on the toilsome way,
How many a fountain glitters down the hill!
Pure gales inviting softly round thee play,
Bright sunshine guides and wilt thou linger still?
Oh, enter there, where, freed from human strife,
Hope is reality and time is life.

Francisco Manuel de Melo (1611-1667) Spain
Translated by Felicia D. Hemans
Source: Source: Hispanic Anthology: Poems Translated from the Spanish by English and North American Poets. Edited by Thomas Walsh. G.P. Putnam's Sons, 1920

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