Thursday, 13 December 2018

The Evening Star - Claudio Tolomei

Blest star of love, bright Hesperus, whose glow
  Serves for sweet escort through the still of night,
  Of Love the living flame, the friendly light,
  And torch of Venus when she walks below!
While to my mistress fair in stealth I go,
  Who dims the sun in orient chambers bright,—
  Now that the moon is low, nor cheers the sight,
  Haste, in her stead thy silver cresset show!
I wander not, these gloomy shades among,
  Upon the wayworn traveller to prey;
  Or graves dispeople with enchanter’s song;—
My ravished heart from cruel spoiler’s sway
  I would redeem: then, oh, avenge my wrong,
  Blest star of love, and beam upon my way!

Claudio Tolomei (1492–1556) Italy
Anonymous Translation
Source: The Sonnets of Europe, edited by Samuel Waddington. Walter Scott, 1888

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