Saturday, 8 December 2018

O Lord, God, of nations - Thomas Bracken

O Lord, God,
of nations and of us too
Listen to us,
Cherish us
Let goodness flourish,
May your blessings flow.

Let all people,
Red skin, white skin
Maori, Pakeha,
Gather before you
May all our wrongs, we pray,
Be forgiven
So that we might say long live,

May it be forever prestigious,
May it go from strength to strength
May its fame spread
Far and wide,
Let not strife
Nor dissension ensue,
May it ever be great

Let its territory,
Be ever enlightened
Throughout the land,
Let envy and dissension
Be dispelled,
Let peace reign

Let its good features endure,
Let righteousness and honesty
Among the people of God
Let it never be ashamed,
But rather let its name be known
Thereby becoming the model to emulate

Thomas Bracken (1841 - 1898) New Zealand (born Ireland)
Source: My Poetic Side

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