Wednesday, 21 November 2018

A sang o' Zion - George MacDonald

Ane by ane they gang awa’,
The Getherer gethers grit an smaa;
Ane by ane maks ane an a'!

Aye whan ane sets doon the cup
Ane ahint maun tak it up:
A' thegither thy will sup!

Goulden-heidit, ripe and strang,
Shorn will be the hairst or lang:
Syne begins a better sang!

George MacDonald (1824 - 1905) Scotland
Source: The poetical works of George MacDonald in two volumes - Volume 2, by George MacDonald

In normal English this reads (approximately):
One by one they go away,
The Gatherer gathers great and small;
One by one makes one and all.

Yes when one sets down the cup
One behind must take it up:
All together thy will sup!

Golden-headed, ripe and strong,
Shorn will be the harvest or long
Ago begins a better song!

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