Saturday, 4 August 2018

The Willing Mistress - Aphra Behn

Amyntas led me to a Grove,
  Where all the Trees did shade us;
The Sun itself, though it had Strove,
  It could not have betray’d us:
The place secur’d from humane Eyes,
  No other fear allows,
But when the Winds that gently rise,
  Do Kiss the yielding Boughs.

Down there we sat upon the Moss,
  And did begin to play
A Thousand Amorous Tricks, to pass
  The heat of all the day.
A many Kisses he did give:
  And I return’d the same
Which made me willing to receive
  That which I dare not name.

His Charming Eyes no Aid requir’d
  To tell their softning Tale;
On her that was already fir’d,
  ’Twas Easy to prevail.
He did but Kiss and Clasp me round,
  Whilst those his thoughts Expressed:
And lay’d me gently on the Ground;
  Ah! who can guess the rest?

Aphra Behn (1640–1689) England
Source: Always use the old sense of the word

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