Tuesday, 28 August 2018

Temper - Nahegat Ben Jaid

Yes, Leila, I swore by the fire of thine eyes
I ne'er could a sweetness unvaried endure;
The bubbles of spirit, that sparkling arise,
Forbid life to stagnate, and render it pure.

But yet, my dear maid, though thy spirit's my pride,
I'd wish for some sweetness to temper the bowl;
If life ne'er be suffered to rest or subside.
It may not be flat, but I fear 'twill be foul.

Nahegat Ben Jaid (542 - 662) Saudi Arabia
Translator not given
Source: The world's wit and humor: an encyclopedia of the classic wit and humor of all ages and nations (Vol XV) by Lionel Strachey, The Review of reviews company, 1906

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