Friday, 2 April 2021

Still they say hope is on the way - Becki Friend

Yesterday I felt myself
begin to die,
shadows behind my eyes
stretched between
a deepening green
and the last slant of sunlight
as it poured across the floor,
my ribs fell and heaved
but I couldn’t breathe,
heartbeats ceased but I heard
the echoes of blood as it surged
through a labyrinth of
bone and tissue,
my skin bisque-blue
and I knew
death loomed in the darkness
outside my window,
in the growing blackness,
my voice in a chokehold but
still screaming,
struggling for air
as the knee of despair
knelt gleefully
on my neck.

Becki Friend (20th century) USA
Source: AllPoetry
Inspired by the tragic death of George Floyd

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