Monday, 26 April 2021

I Keep Forgetting - Sima

Don’t know why I keep forgetting,
The time that you played me
The times you would pay me no attention
I keep forgetting all the pain that you cause
That its because of you that I am covered in scars.

Don’t know why I keep coming back to you.
My energy’s drenched and I am convinced that its all your fault
Your lies, like melodies stuck in my memory’s vault.
When the desire hits, is when the fire is lit,
Then all downhill from there.
Back to despair, back to your spell, back to this hell
Or is it heaven?
Sometimes I can’t really tell.

I keep forgetting, I vowed never to devour the foul fruits from your palms,
That turn sour in the early hour
When the night is barely ours
And the light shines on every plight
But I know I'm not right, and ebent though u feel like it
I know you are not quite
And knowing is the first step
Knowing I’ll take flight.

Sima (20th century) Tanzania

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