Sunday, 24 June 2018

Trinity - Adam of St. Victor

To the Trine God, not Gods three,
       The Trinity in Unity,
Let the Church now bow the knee!
       All creation
Clear and lucid, gives of a Trinity.

Let the sober mind up to God then rise!
       Of the Father and of the Son,
With the Paraclete Spirit one,
       To our eyes
May God's grace reveal all the mysteries!

There are Persons three, and many
Mysteries marking these Persons distinctively:
       One by nature, all and any,
       Neither is separately less than all the three.

Equal in all Three is knowledge, power, and will,
Yet in their three Persons is there difference still:
       — Equal reverence to the Three,
       To the One all glory, be! Amen.

Adam of St. Victor (1112 - 1146) France
Translated by Digby Strangeways Wrangham
Source:The liturgical poetry of Adam of St. Victor: from the text of Gautier
Léon Gautier & Digby Strangeways Wrangham, K. Paul, Trench, 1881

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