Tuesday, 26 June 2018

De Spectaculis Liber V - Marcus Valerius Martialis

That Pasiphae1 was mated to the Dictaean bull2, believe:
we have seen it,
the old-time myth has won its warrant.
And let not age-long eld, Caesar, marvel at itself:
whatever Fame sings of,
that the Arena makes real for thee.

Marcus Valerius Martialis (c. 40 - 104) Spain
Translated by Walter C. A Ker
Source: Martial epigrams, Translated by Walter C. A Ker, Heinemann, 1919-1920
Pasiphae enters the Daedalus "wooden cow"
by Giulio Romano (1530)

  1. PASIPHAE was an immortal daughter of the sun-god Helios. She married King Minos of Krete (Crete) and bore him a number of sons and daughters.
  2. After a curse from Poseidon, Pasiphae experienced lust for and mated with a white bull sent by Poseidon (hence she was the mother of the Minotaur!). She dressed in a cow's hide to do the deed.

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