Wednesday, 20 July 2016

A left hand made verse 1 - Kato Javakhishvili

As human creatures do not recognize each other
I think: it’s time for us to stand one after another.
And some time ago, - it was when
I was wrapped in your body as in the wool blanket
and pushed two paper ships into the salty lakes -
your eyes,
when the land decreased around our bodies
so that we could touch one another’s land
and I said: it’s time to stop struggle,
it’s high time for peace,
we must return to peace. –
That very moment an unusually hot autumn
Was blowing the streets like leaves
according to my verse that
I had written by chance before we met:
“I put on spring like apron but
dying leaves are falling in my dinner anyway”.
So cold it was.
We were standing beyond the peace
and were going out from our land.

Kato Javakhishvili (born 1980) Georgia
Source: Poetry Soup

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