Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Unsung Hero - Mwiza Mnyuma Sambo Mhango

"O God, bless our land of Malawi."
a prayer for a warm-hearted nation,
the first line that ignited the mind of a hero
he did a patriotic act, yet lived unknown.
Of a beautiful land, of peace, freedom and unity, he sang.
He prayed that our hearts be joined in combat against fear,
Against hunger, disease and envy, he prayed.
His words made a home in the heart of a nation
Fervent and effective, hence peace reigned.
This prayer stayed on the lips of the nation
Called upon mother Malawi to bring out her best.
Of the unsung hero, I write,
Not to praise him but to acknowledge his role,
The words he wrote on the tablets of our hearts,
A song he sang to the tune of many heartstrings
Even if we still sing his song,
Of him a song was never sung
He did a patriotic act but died penniless.

Mwiza Mnyuma Sambo Mhango (born 1984) Malawi
Tribute to Michael Fredrick Paul Sauka who wrote the Malawi national anthem but died unaccredited
Source: Hello Poetry

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