Friday, 8 July 2016

One Day In June - Ebrahim Al-Arrayedh

One day in June
Her shapely hand was raised, and waving still
To those colourful columns filing past
In all their pageantry, the sky was cast
With clouds, and rain kept pouring over sill
And pavement, packed with not a stand to fill,
No bid to jostle, with the crowd so vast
So then, you saw the Queen, my dear... At last?
Said I. You bet she said. With what a thrill
She saw her Queen go by... So sweet and fair
For all to see and bless. After her night
Of waiting in the open, with drenched hair
And drooping eyes, she played a glorious part:
Say not the Day was cold and not so bright,
For all the warmth of summer was in her heart.

Ebrahim Al-Arrayedh (1908 - 2002) Bahrain

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