Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Phobia - Abigail Lim

The tears I shed tonight
Are not ones of sadness
It’s a stunning realisation
Of what I fear most
That one day you’ll betray me
And that’ll hurt far more
Than watching death lead you away
I’ve been much acquainted
With the disappointment
Of people letting me down that way
And I know I’d cut you out in a heartbeat
If you committed their mistakes
Every tie and connection associated with you
I’d get rid of them too
If I do,
I’d lose my rock and guardian,
A huge percentage of my everything
Your friendship is worth infinitely more
Than all those I’ve lost before
So please, love and cherish this
Or you won’t be there to witness
My descent into madness.

I don’t want another lesson
About placing hearts in wrong persons.

Abigail Lim (21st century) Malaysia
Sourced from The Malaysian Poets Society

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