Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Seivin Verses for GMB - William Hershaw

They are fermin the fower winds:
Five grey- stemmed daffodils
on the hill abuin Eynhallow
that whirlmagig air intil pouer.

Aa Simmerdim on Flotta –
a thrummlin column o virr:
the fleerin ee o Sauron lowps
and rages in its touer.

Fishermen wi  lap tops,
tractors steert by Sat Nav,
Progress chaps our door unbiddan
tae win us ower.

Sunlicht asklent a green wave
maun be wrocht as an equation:
the Physic mind is mappamouned
whaur aa is swack and sure.

The makar speirs the silence,
raiks the taigle o time-wrack
for signs and kennings, patterns
thrang in his hairst o hours.

The solar wind pents miracles
yet a muckler ane by faur,
we’re a mystery o pairticles
ablaw the cosmic glower.

For aye we’re raxin scaffolding
o sense on circled yirth
whiles Magnus sails his saundstane ark
abuin our clash and stouer.

William Hershaw (born 1957) Scotland

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