Monday, 16 May 2016

A Sketch For A Modern Love Poem - Tadeusz Różewicz

And yet whiteness
can be best described by greyness
a bird by a stone
in december

love poems of old
used to be descriptions of flesh
they described this and that
for instance eyelashes

and yet redness
should be described
by greyness the sun by rain
the poppies in november
the lips at night

the most palpable
description of bread
is that of hunger
there is in it
a humid porous core
a warm inside
sunflowers at night
the breasts the belly the thighs of Cybele

a transparent
source-like description
of water is that of thirst
of ash
of desert
it provokes a mirage
clouds and trees enter
a mirror of water
lack hunger
of flesh
is a description of love
in a modern love poem

Tadeusz Różewicz (1921 - 2014) Poland
Translator not stated
Source: Poemist

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