Friday, 4 March 2016

Spring harbingers - George Cosbuc

From sunny countries and skies of blue
From which last autumn-tide you flew,
Return, dear birds, where you belong,
Most welcome here are you!
The woods, bereft of leaf and song,
Weep for for missingt you so long.

In the eternal dome of bright azure
Did you not dream with longing pleasure
Of what you left? Did you not sigh
For dear Home's leisure?
Or cry when seeing in the sky
The clouds that northwardly did hie?

You sang to Nature paeans caught
With holiness, strangers you taught
Our soulful Doinas* when, at times,
Of us you thought.
But did you tell them that their rhymes
Excel all those of other climes?

Now you come home - and you will see,
Again, the wood, the field, the lea,
Your nests in groves, so warm and deep;
'Tis summer's filigree.
I feel I have a mind to leap,
To laugh for joy, for joy to weep!

You come accompanied by flowers,
By gentle winds and sun-warmed showers,
And nights so rife with honey-dew,
And cheerful hours.
So, you take away all things with you,
And bring back everything anew.

George Cosbuc (1866 - 1918) Romania
* Doinas are a Romanian musical tune style

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  1. Good job on this thank you for sharing


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