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Hail the Resurrection day - John of Da­mas­cus (John Mansur)

Hail the Resurrection day,
Let the people shout for gladness;
'Tis a Passover of joy,
Therefore banish every sadness;
For, from death to endless life,
Christ our Lord His people bringeth;
As from earth to heaven we rise,
Each his song of triumph singeth.

From our eyes the veil remove,
That we may, in light transcending,
See the Risen Lord of Life,
Life to all in grace extending;
Let our ears His voice perceive--
To its accents kind attending
We would hear "All hail" and sing,
Every voice in gladness blending.

Let the heavens above rejoice,
Earth unite with heaven in praising;
All the world, and all therein,
Join in triumph, heavenward raising
All things visible unite
With invisible in singing,
For the Christ is risen indeed,
Everlasting gladness bringing.

John of Da­mas­cus (675-749) modern Syria
full name: Yuhanna (or Yanah) ibn Mansur ibn Sarjun
Translated by John Brownlie

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